Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Good, Bad, and the Hella Pretty

"The heart that breaks open can contain the Universe" - Joanna Macy

My friends and darlings and people I've been waiting my whole life to meet:  Welcome to the GoodBadblog!  Conceptual space on the internet for all of it.  All of it.

I'm sure you all woke up this morning thinking: "Damnit, I just need one more blog today...one more stranger offering up their non-solicited opinions, another thing to read in an epic Portlandia reader kind of way."  I trust you all woke up this morning with the same words on your tongue as I had: "The internet is great...I just wish there was more content."   Well....prayers answered, sweethearts.  And, you're welcome!

Actually, what I'm thinking is this....maybe the great democracy of this non-existent place is that everyone, truly everyone, can carve out a little space of it and call it home.  And what if by showing you my home- I mean my real home with the floors un-swept and the cobwebs and the blunders and mercies and the terrible editing for a writer and beauty and joy and full blown culinary atrocities - what if that made you feel a little better in your own metaphorical homes?  Would that be a win?  I think maybe.  Maybe it only matters if it makes me even more ok right where I am.  It seems to be that I do the very best work when I am just existing as naturally as I can and appreciating the great, cosmic humor of myself.

I often feel in the midst of all of the horrible stuff that surrounds us daily that  we are also the brink of something great.  In truth, I dream of revolution.  I used to dream of the great big one...the Le Mis revolution.  But I'm a student of history and I've seen the ways every single one of those have actually panned out.  But the tiny ones?  The daily struggles to expand our compassion and our patience. . . or just not profoundly lose our shit on facebook?  What about those?  What about the beautiful and just anger expressed in just the right way at just the right time?  What about showing up as you are and fundamentally believing that will be enough?  I had a friend take me to a Korean bath house in San Francisco on women's day once....and I remember looking around and just marveling at how exceptionally beautiful everyone's different body was. . . just mesmerizing and perfect.  I kind of think maybe we all look better naked.  And we spend so much time worrying the fashion that we forget to take it off.  I worry the fashion all the time.  I also love taking my clothes off.  

So welcome to my house, my friends!  Help me make it a place of humor and rants and thoughts about fashion and our dogs and long spiritual walks together and some navel gazing and peeling the layers off one by one?  Help me make it real and sturdy and supportive and honest and fun!  It's just a little space in the middle of nowhere but with you...with you it's a home.  Come in.


  1. Hooray! I'm so excited you're blogging. This means I can share your beautiful words far and wide! *glitter bomb*

  2. It's long since past time I went back to work, I figure. <3 First comment ever and it's from you, hurray!!